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Essential oils can be a natural way to relieve pain, tension, swelling...

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UniHeal essential oils finally meet you this summer! After a year of continuous efforts by Yahime's essential oil experts and laboratory researchers, we not only supervise and control the harvesting process and standards, but also made a breakthrough in the extraction technology to ensure that every bottle of Yahime's essential oil comes from the purest plants in the world. This is our most sincere and confident product iteration. We believe that everyone who pursues a healthy lifestyle will need UniHeal...

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Why Yahime

Story Of Yahime

YAHIME is associated with characters in Japanese mythology and legends. Kokaiya Kota Hime is the goddess of cherry blossoms. She started from Kyushu, Kansai and Kanto, and then to Hokkaido. Cherry blossoms, which symbolize love and hope, spread along the road. Finally, the cherry blossoms bloom from south to north and never wither.The essence of Yahime inherits the story of love and beauty, not through chemical experiments, chemical mixing, and noisy advertisements, but only through the magic of the plant itself.