Buy Essential Oil, Get Free Oil Diffuser
Buy Essential Oil, Get Free Oil Diffuser


Buy Essential Oil, Get Free Oil Diffuser

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Get a 120ml Essential Oil

Get a Cordless Essential Oil Diffuser

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◆ Enjoy Lasting Freshness - Keep your rooms smelling fantastic. Our essential oil diffuser has 2 mist modes, allowing it to release continuous mist for 4-5 hours or intermittent mists for 7-8 hours.
◆ Use Your Oils Anywhere - Bask in aromatherapy wherever you go. This diffuser comes with a built-in battery and can be charged using your power bank or laptop via its USB cable. Additionally, it has a portable PU handle that is easy for you to hold.
◆ Doubles As A Lamp - Fitted with warm light, this aroma mister doubles as a nightlight or mood lamp. Its eye-friendly and flicker-free light has 7 adjustable brightness settings, so you can use it while reading.
◆ ∞INFINITE PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL -Slip into your own floral oasis with just one whiff of this peppermint oil! Known as one of the most versatile essential oils on the market, the premium quality YAHIME eucalyptus oil is sustainably harvested from England,one of the best mint plantations.
◆ ALL NATURAL THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS - The perfect combination of peppermint aroma and countless therapeutic benefits, this all natural peppermint essential oil is for so much more than just aroma! Providing endless benefits when it comes to cool and so much more - it’s no wonder why the magical YAHIME peppermint extract oil is known to be a popular essential oil.