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Bunnies, egg hunts and brunch are some of our favorite things about Easter. If your family and friends are hopping on over to your place this Easter Sunday, diffuse an essential oil blend to spark a celebratory atmosphere. 

When thinking about Easter diffuser blends, spring florals likely come to mind. The aromas of spring are both uplifting and inspiring. Adding essential oils to your celebration ensures a happy Easter celebration that will spark memories for years to come. 


Yahime has prepared special Easter Yggs for our egg hunters, which our winners will get
Ylang Ylang Oil + Lavender Oil + Rose Oil + Diffuser


How to win the Yggs?Follow the rules!!


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    • Normally, we go to church, and then we cook and eat the Easter dinner, usually with lamb and ham. We also include a Seder plate, since the events of the Crucifixion and Resurrection happened during the Passover season; Jesus established Holy Communion based upon the Passover elements.

      I used to dye eggs and make an Easter basket, but I’m finding now that I don’t have time for that. We also used to go to the Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue (we live in Queens, NY), and I made quite a few Easter bonnets over the years. I don’t find time to do that these days, either.

      Karen Nance on
    • Easter is usually a non-starter for us, really. But this year it coincided with our birthdays so my husband and I had a slap-up dinner with Prosecco and a lovely bottle of wine, finished off with a cute little chocolate cake our friend baked and left on our porch.
      I do believe Easter Sunday was a bit wobbly in our heads but, oh well, it was a fun night.

      Louisa on
    • I am still reeling from a fabulous Easter Sunday! For many, I know this important religious holiday is known for Easter bunnies, eggs, candies, and chocolate. But for me, it’s Resurrection Sunday, the day that Jesus rose from the dead. It was an honor to spend the day surrounded by my family and loved ones. It was an amazing day that I will remember for a long time!
      Joan on
    • I lay out in the sun for most of the day and listened to hours of reggaetón, which always makes me feel summery.

      Abel on
    • Food is a big part of the Easter celebrations, chill out with family and friends, gather together near the lake for Easter Lunch.

      Matt on
    • When I was growing up we were very poor. My birthday is the first part of April so usually close to Easter. For my birthday, my mom always made me a cake shaped like an Easter bunny and covered with coconut. I’m now a grandmother and I’m still sentimental about Easter and good family memories as a child.

      Debi Lam on
    • Easter is a sentimental time for me, it usually lands on the same weekend as my grandmothers birthday. Before she passed away, I was able to throw her a great birthday party on Easter because her birthday and Easter landed on the same day!, I made her feel like a Queen for her 81st birthday ! She loved her Asakuki diffuser and the oils brought her so much joy , aromatherapy was a saving grace for her after the death of my grandfather . So Easter will always be a time of reflection and gratitude for me. Rest In Peace


      Ugine Mulahoo on
    • Easter is for love kindness and eating chocolate and making memories with friend and family after so long being apart from the pandemic

      Sharon on
    • Happy Easter 🐣

      Ivette Pozarowszczyk on
    • Family fun and chocolate

      Kerry sweet on

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