UniRelieve Essential Oils

UniRelieve Essential Oils

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UniRelieve® is a deeply relaxing, warming blend of Wintergreen, Maple tree, Boswelia, Cedarwood that feels soothing and comforting to muscles and joints following exercise.

When you do activities that your muscles and joints are unaccustomed to, it can result in discomfort and you may wake up the next day feeling stiff. Your body will adapt to the new strain over time, but at first it can be uncomfortable.

If you experience muscle discomfort, there are good ways to soothe your body. Massage can be extremely helpful in soothing the affected areas. By incorporating essential oils into massage you can experience greater relaxation.

Wintergreen and Lemongrass are both helpful when used as part of a warming, post-workout massage. Dilute them with Fractionated Coconut Oil before applying to the skin. Wintergreen is almost entirely composed of the chemical constituent methyl salicylate—commonly used in topical products to relieve occasional minor aches in muscles and joints.

UniRelieve® is a proprietary massage blend, perfect for helping lessen tension and soothe. This blend contains Wintergreen, Maple tree and Cedarwood, all chosen for their relaxing and comforting effects. Use UniRelieve® as part of a whole-body massage blend or add a few drops to a hot bath.

To help maintain health and vitality and help your body recover from strenuous exercise, incorporate the UniRelieve® into your daily regimen. Alpha CRS+ helps boost cell function.

Any athlete who has used UniRelieve® products can attest to their efficacy. But the benefits extend beyond athletic activities to everyday accomplishments, is also perfect for a soothing, cooling massage after a long day. Massage UniRelieve® on your feet and knees before a hard workout or after a long day hunched over the computer. Follow up with the UniRelieve® to soothe tired muscles. For everyday support the UniRelieve® helps support muscle and joint comfort.* It contains a proprietary blend of extracts and polyphenols that soothe occasional aches and discomfort.





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