UniCleanse Essential Oils

UniCleanse Essential Oils

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Dry, calloused feet are uncomfortable and unsightly, but instead of paying for an expensive pedicure, you can pamper your feet at home with Yahime UniCleanse. It will soothe dry, scratchy feet that might feel like sandpaper, while its Fractionated Coconut Oil and other natural ingredients will help feet to retain their moisture.


Not only is UniCleanse good for your feet, but it also helps to quickly reverse the look and feel of dry, cracking feet. Simply apply the lotion at bedtime, put on a pair of socks, and wake up to smooth, hydrated, sandal-worthy feet!

One of the quickest and easiest ways to soothe and refresh the skin is by getting a facial. When you don’t have the time or money for a professional facial, try making this essential oil Clay Facial Mask at home to refresh and revitalize your skin. This mixture can be used once a week to help cleanse and restore the skin, using some of the best essential oils for skin—Clove, Cassia, and Ginger, which in UniCleanse.


After only a few minutes with this clay mask on your face, you will start to feel the cleansing and refreshing benefits of essential oils for skin. No matter your skin type, this rejuvenating clay facial mask will soon become a regular part of your weekly skincare routine.

Whether your skin gets dried out during cold winter months, or you tend to get dry, cracked skin year round, this Whipped Body Butter with essential oils is a simple solution for restoring moisture back into the skin. Using soft, natural butters and oils and the soothing power of Clove, Cassia, and Ginger Oil, UniCleanse lets you kiss dry, uncomfortable skin goodbye.


You can customize your body lotion by adding your favorite essential oils, allowing you to create a comforting, pleasant aroma that you’ll enjoy every time you apply the body butter. For those with dry, troublesome skin, this moisturizing body butter will become a new favorite—keeping the skin hydrated for days after application.




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