Aroma Therapy Plan of 2023

Aroma Therapy Plan of 2023

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In the Moment

Traveling, sightseeing and other adventures can be physically demanding at times. If you’re ready to unwind after a long day but want to be able to appreciate and embrace the moment, this is that blend. It’s a great grounding blend.


5 drops Orange essential oi

3 drops each Frankincense and Lavender essential oils

2 drops Cedarwood essential oil


Ease Your Travel Anxiety

This unique blend encourages confidence when exploring alone or visiting a new destination. This companion blend works in perfect harmony to relieve nervousness and uncertainty.


4 drops Bergamot essential oil

3 drops Patchouli oil

2 drops Ylang Ylang essential oils

2 drops Frankincense essential oils

Keep Fit

Keep you energized

One of the main challenges is having the energy to achieve for your fitness goals. Mainly, you need to make sure that you are keeping yourself balanced in other areas, such as nutrition and hydration, rest time, relaxation, and getting quality sleep. As long as you are keeping balanced, this should help you maintain the energy to exercise.


Having said this, there is always the odd struggle with feeling the occasional slump! Don’t worry though as there are some great essential oils to boost your energy levels if you’re feeling a bit sluggish!

3 drops Lemon essential oils

2 drops Lime essential oils

1 drop Rosemary essential oils


To fight post-workout fatigue

Another post-exercise challenge you might have, even if you can happily keep energized, is that you may feel fatigued. There are plenty of essential oils to help this, but my favorite is this aromatherapy bath blend which uses detoxing Himalayan Pink Salt, which can really help the muscles too!


Fatigue Fighting Bath Soak with essential oils: To help overcome fatigue, run a warm bath, and close all the doors and windows so the steam can't escape.

2 cups of Himalayan Pink Salt in 500ml of boiling water

4 drops Lavender Essential Oils

4 drops Geranium Essential Oils

4 drops Orange Essential Oils

Healthy Diet

At the beginning of the year, most people decide to join a gym, kick a bad habit and eat healthier. And yes, there are many who do succeed,

but there are also many who struggle to lose weight, or do lose the weight but struggle even harder to keep it off.

Why? Because losing weight is not just about healthy eating, a solid exercise regimen, or taking nutritional supplements. To achieve true

weight loss success (and keep the weight off) you have to fight a constant never-ending daily battle between your mind and your body, with many components that come into play, like your genes, hormones, brain psychology, metabolism, emotions, and also the environment around you.

And, if you've tried to shed more than a few pounds you know it's hard work and there's no shortcut to losing weight. However, if you're ready

to consider some excellent essential oils that have powerful medicinal properties to support you in your weight loss goal plan, now we're talking!



Not to be a emotional eater

If you are an emotional eater and eat when you're stressed out, this blend can help suppress feelings of negativity and bring a sense of calm. It has a wonderful woody scent, and has a natural therapeutic effect on the limbic system of the brain (the area of the brain that controls primal emotions like pleasure and anger and drives power, hunger and more). By balancing your emotions, you'll stop turning to food to feel good, and better help support your weight loss goals.

4 drops Sandalwood Essential Oils

3 drops Bergamot Essential Oils

3 drops Grapefruit Essential Oils



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